Does your child …

  • Struggle to concentrate and focus?
  • Get easily upset, frustrated or angry?
  • Demonstrate baffling behaviour ?
  • Avoid and dislike school and homework?
  • Experience difficulties at school?

We hear you! Lots of parents who access KidsNetwork come to us not quite knowing what the problem is … you are not alone. It is estimated that 30% of Australian children experience some kind of difficulty.

Where to from here?


Identifying that there might be a problem is the first step in accessing a solution. At KidsNetwork we come to your home for an initial discussion. It’s relaxing, unthreatening and kids usually ask when we are coming back! This initial consultation is actually in three parts:

  • First we meet with you and your child
  • Next we speak to your childs’ teacher
  • Then we have a feedback session with you

This feedback session gives you an overview of the possible issues facing your child and most importantly strategies for tackling them.

My child already has a diagnosis


Some of our clients do … but are strategies working or are you confused about next steps? We aim to lift the ‘fog’ on the myriad of options available. We provide clarity and step-by-step strategies for moving forward.
We call this ‘case management’ because what we do for you is individualised. No two children are the same and all family dynamics are different. Our priority is to ensure that what is in place for your child is actually working. Our aim is not to ‘label’ kids but to help them experience success.

So who is KidsNetwork?


KidsNetwork was established in 2011 to address a gap in the market for families not too sure where to even start and for families totally confused by where investigations have taken them. Every day parents call us to say, “I’m just not too sure what the problem is but my child … ”. We get just as many calls from families saying “I feel like we have tried everything … or my child has had so many assessments and we still don’t seem to be making any progress”. At the moment KidsNetwork is made up of Brooke and Rebecca so who you see below is who you get… so who are we?

I am a mum with 2 young kids and have worked in education for more than 15 years both in mainstream and special school environments. I have experience in working with and supporting families as they navigate the maze of options available to them and attempt to meet the needs of their child. Read more..
I am also a mum with 2 kids one of who has a learning and developmental difficulty. My personal experiences of diagnosing and subsequently managing a child with sensory processing disorder and dyslexia led to the development of KidsNetwork. Read more..



Why do we do what we do?


We do what we do because if feels right and because we get that amazing buzz every time we see a child overcome an obstacle! We get to see the tears in parents’ eyes when they swing past our office with a school report that shows amazing progress for the first time ever. But it’s the down times that motivate us too – like when we have parents in our office in tears when the strain has just got all too much. We hear kids yell “woo hoo” when they start to read fluently for the first time, we receive gorgeous pictures in the post from kids and most importantly we hear parents saying “thank you, thank you, thank you … where would we be without you?” It’s  not all good news and we know that – there is a lot of hard slog in between but we are there with you every step of the way – why – because it feels right. We know how important it is to feel supported when dealing with this stuff.

Who do we help?


We help parents like you!
We work with you to identify your child’s difficulties and then develop a strategy for overcoming them. We help you navigate the options and choose the best options for your budget, your family and your child. Our service to you is relaxed, non confrontational and most importantly objective. We know you as a parent you need facts, options and costs. That’s just what we help you with.

What do others say about us?


We work with amazing families every day of the week who are juggling kids with difficulties along with the day to day chaos of family life. It’s exhausting! And we know it only too well because we do it too. That’s why KidsNetwork is different – we have firsthand experience of just how confusing and difficult it can be. So, this is what our families say ….

Frequently asked questions…


We get asked questions every day of the week so feel free to ask us a question – over the phone is always best but hey, if you are googling at midnight after battling dinner table behaviour, and homework defiance then email works for us too. Just let us know when is a good time to call.


Office Address:
2/153 Unley Road, UNLEY SA 5061

P: 08 8377 7123

Rebecca Knol, Director:
0409 012 007

Postal Address:
PO Box 3003, UNLEY SA 5061

Brooke Finlayson, Director:
0417 893 747

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